About Amara’s

Healthy Living

We are Amara’s Health Spa

For a welcome blast of tranquillity and wellness just 15 minutes’ from the bustling city centre of Harare, Amara’s Health Spa is sure to deliver. Situated amid three acres of the city’s most upmarket and lush green suburbs, this luxurious spa is endowed with impeccable indoor and outdoor amenities and treatment areas, shielding guests from the hustle and bustle of urban Africa without requiring them to travel miles for that all-important peace and quiet.

There’s also a high-end salon and an elegant restaurant on the premises for the ultimate in exclusivity and convenience, allowing guests to fully escape the
pressures of the modern world.

Healthy Living

Our Mantra

Healthy Living is not something we just say. At Amara’s we are firm believers in healthy minds and bodies. If we are not healthy we can never accomplish the tasks set before us by life or accomplish the goals we set for ourselves.

About Amara’s Health Spa